Saturday, April 27, 2013

Life Of The Garden Party Fence

Are your hydrangeas feeling down? Are your violets feeling a little blue? Envelop your greenery with this beautiful Art Deco inspired fence! You flowers will be blooming with joy in no time!

Here's a basic fence I made a while ago for Grimschurch, a Sims 3 world created by Kiwi-Tea that I am assisting with. This is a contribution I made, but haven't released until now. More bits from the project to come.

There is one minor problem I've found on the object. 2 of the polygons are rotated. But, the polygons rotated are so small and thin, it's barely noticeable. I felt the need to point it out, for quality reasons, but it really is very minor, as you can see above, on the checkered image CAST version of the fence.

Install instructions in download file.

Cost: 45
Colors: Coal | Gold | Cream

Helluva Hacienda - Remake

2BR - 2BA
This is another home adored by many fans. I don't know why exactly - I guess it just has a lot of charm. This wasn't supposed to be anything special, I just wanted to port the house over to the Sims 3, since I like it a lot. Initially, I wanted it to look as close to the Sims 2 version as possible, but once I got over that hurdle, I wanted to take the architectural pieces from the game to really give the house a signature look. I think I was successful.

Priced just under 53,500.


First Floor

Second Floor

Install instructions in download file.

Lot Size:

World Adventures
Late Night
University Life