Friday, December 21, 2012

Woodgate Terrace Townhouses

2BR - 2BA - 1GR

Though small, these townhouses are a perfect step up from a traditional apartment, trailer, or room in your parents home. Be warned, the home comes unfurnished and has no laundry equipment, but there's room for a washer/dryer set in the garage.

Priced at just under 15,000


Currently, to change apartments, just replace the lot markers, though, they all look the same. I kept furnishings basic intentionally. It wouldn't have been a nightmare to fully furnish all 4, which I was doing, but decided to just keep it basic, for the sake of file size, and sanity.

Basement Level

First Floor

Second Floor
Install instructions in download file.

Lot Size:


Custom Content:
-Grey Slate Roof White Trim by Sookielee
 Mod The Sims *Not required*

-Two Tile The Perfect Window by Whitewaterwood
Mod the Sims 

-The Smaller Closure Door by HugeLunatic
Mod The Sims

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  1. i relly want this but i dont have the supernatural ep. could u make a two story apartment just like this with the same first and second floor please