Residential Lots

This is another home adored by many fans. I don't know why exactly - I guess it just has a lot of charm. This wasn't supposed to be anything special, I just wanted to port the house over to the Sims 3, since I like it a lot. Initially, I wanted it to look as close to the Sims 2 version as possible, but once I got over that hurdle, I wanted to take the architectural pieces from the game to really give the house a signature look. I think I was successful.

Though small, these townhouses are a perfect step up from a traditional apartment, trailer, or room in your parents home. Be warned, the home comes unfurnished and has no laundry equipment, but there's room for a washer/dryer set in the garage.

105 Sim Lane (A Sims 2 Remake)
This is one of my favorite homes from TS2, and generally a fan favorite. It was a challenge trying to get it to work and look good in the Sims 3, since many of the items from the original lot are no longer present in the Sims 3. I tried to make it the same, but different which, wasn't too difficult, but make it feel like a new home, while being familiar.

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